Nominate a Hero

US Army Ranger SGT Bradley Crose circa 2000

We are constantly searching for the next individual to honor. We are looking for someone who has served the United States either through a branch of the Military or as a First Responder and was killed or wounded in action or in the line of duty. The person should also have a vehicle that was special to them in some way that is in need of restoration. 

Please use this form to nominate someone to us for consideration. We need the following information about the Service Member / First Responder and the vehicle that was special to him or her. Please "cut-and-paste" the questions below into an email and send it to We will acknowledge all submissions via email.

Your contact information
  • Your name?
  • Your email address?
  • Your phone number?
Personal information for the nominee
  • What is his/her full name?
  • What was their Rank?
  • What was the branch of Military Service or type of First Responder?
  • Were they Active Duty? National Guard? Reserves?
  • What are the dates of his/her service?
  • Was the honoree KIA? WIA? Other (Brief description)
  • What is the history/story of the person?
Vehicle data
  • What is the type of vehicle, year, make, and model?
  • Who is the current owner of the vehicle?
  • What is the current vehicle owner's relationship to the honoree? Please describe the connection or story between the honoree and the vehicle's current owner. Is the vehicle still owned by the honoree's family?
  • Where is the vehicle located?
  • What is the condition of vehicle? (Is it licensed; currently on the road; stored for many years; only a rolling chassis, etc?)
  • Please include a minimum of 6 photos of the vehicle. Be sure to include images of the interior, exterior and the engine compartment.

4VR RIP would like to thank you for nominating someone for consideration. Your Service Member / First Responder story will be reviewed by our Operations Team and presented to our Board for final selection. We will contact you if we need further information.